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Freshly Milled

Multi Grain 7G Flour

Milled to Order

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An amalgamation of 7 high yielding grains like Whole Wheat, Ragi, Soybean, Bajra, Jau, Jowar & Black Channa that gives a superior nutritional profile for your daily health needs. Carefully blend into a fine flour to give you the wholesome goodness of all 7 grains.

 Health Benefits:

  • Rich source of proteins, keeps you fuller for a longer time
  • Rich source of dietary fibre & aids digestion.
  • Rich in taste, colour & texture due to the blend of 7 different grains
  • Low on glycaemic index and helps maintain cholesterol levels

 Best Used For:

  1. Chapattis/Parathas
  2. Multigrain flour pancakes
  3. Baking Products

BIG BAG DISCOUNT: Avail 15% off on 5KG and 10KG Bags

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