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Freshly Extracted

Desi Cow Ghee (Bilona Method)

Farm Produce

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Handmade in small batches - Desi Cow Ghee, this is not 'direct-cream ghee', but Ghee made using natural cow milk yoghurt.


Ghee acts as a lubricant for joints.
It has a high smoking point and helps in better absorption of protein. Vitamins A, E, K prevalent in ghee are vital for brain, skeletal and physical health. Ghee, is especially recommended for babies and children. Ghee is excellent for skin, hair and eye health too

Our Ghee is made in small batches through the authentic Vedic Bilona process to preserve highest nutritional value.

Milk to ghee production is done at the farms in a very comfortable environment for our cows. We are strictly against animal cruelty and our cows are treated with utmost compassion which reflects in extremely good quality of our Ghee .

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