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Bajra / Pearl Millet Flour

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This traditional millet is termed as a high energy cereal with uncountable health benefits. It is one of the most widely grown & one of the oldest millets that has been into existence in our country.

Health Benefits:

  • Gluten free – ideal alternative for those who have switched from whole wheat to gluten free foods to shed those extra kilos
  • Helps in controlling diabetes
  • Regulates healthy levels of blood sugar
  • Rich in antioxidants that prevent ageing & reduces risk of heart diseases
  • Rich in fibre, proteins and essential mineral
  • Bajra is also alkaline in nature and thus combats acidity

 Best Used For:

  1. Bajre ki Roti (ideal option in winters to beat the cold)
  2. Dosas & Uttapams
  3. Khakhras